Eigenschaft + JAFFAjed + DJ Yesh


JAFFAjed (Zagreb)

warmup: DJ Yesh (Jabba/ZG)

start: 21:00
upad: 20 kn

Najkraća moguća najava za dotični koncert mogla bi se sažeti u rečenici poput: Sukus glazbenih svijetova u aranžmanu akademskih glazbenika.
Ma nema smisla filozofirati, posjetite myspace stranice bandova i poslušajte o čemu se radi. Znalci će prepoznati neupitnu glazbenu kvalitetu.


The band Eigenschaft was founded in 2005 by Stanislav and Viktor. In the beginning the bend functioned as a duo sketching future songs and actively searching for a bass player. The search soon ended and Igor Crnek joined the bend later that year. Igor made a considerable influence on the direction and the sound Eigenschaft was to take, however, due to the lack of time and other obligations Igor couldn’t continue in actively contributing to the band’s progress which is why he left Eigenschaft in 2006. A search for a new bass player followed and shortly afterwards Vladimir joined the band making the line-up Eigenschaft has today. The band from that moment are focused mostly on creating music and before it went into studio in 2008, it had one live concert in Mochvara where Eigenschaft’s music was received with enthusiasm by Mochvara’s audience. The first studio album was finished later in May that year. Eigenschaft is currently working on promotion of their first album and is busy creating new music.


JAFFAjed was born more than 10 years ago. At that time, that creature had five parts, and was under heavy influence of others and was mostly repeating their thoughts. Quickly, but surprisingly not unexpected, two of its parts fell off. After that, only one thing could happen - it became dumb. For several upcomming years it will only mumble some strange syncopated melodies... No words, absolutely no words, not even a syllable will come out of its mouth for a long time. People tried to understand it, some could, some could not. But many of them encouraged it to start speaking again. Slowly, it did. And? the creature felt good. But this time it has decided that it would only speak about its own ideas i ideologies. Oh, the Irony of life? Although finally speaking and singing more than ever, JAFFAjed was starting to get sick. Mostly inside its head. It was fighting with itself, and could not decide what to make of its life. And then one day, it just died, leaving its remains to find some new element of bonding. 3 ex JAFFAjed limbs wandered around for some time, trying and trying something new, looking into the future with no remorse. But the old element was too strong. It was deep in their bones, speaking to them quietly every day. Only one thing could happen: JAFFAjed resurrected. Still screwed up inside the head, but reborn, now it is mumbling and speaking more forceful than ever before! . .

DJ Yesh
- http://www.myspace.com/yesh_zg