Mean Poppa Lean

Mean Poppa Lean dolazi iz Brigtona, nastali su 2006., a  tri godine kasnije protresli ljetne festivale diljem otoka. Izobilje energije i vedrine nalazi se u njihovoj acid jazz i funk glazbi, a žanrovski su negdje između RHCP i Jamiroquaia. Giles Peterson, ako već nije, upravo stavlja njihov promo u cd-player na BBC Radio 1. Funk breakovi na bubnjevima, distorzirane bass dionice i primjerene doze puhačkih dionica. Mean Poppa Lean je formula za ples.

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"What are we like? F****** mental / Where    do we live? Down the shops / Who do we love ? Sheryl Crow / Why? She's f****** hot”

"Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Faith No More's Mike Patton on vocals, with maybe some Foals and some Friendly Fires thrown in for more contemporary measure, this is clearly a band on the cusp of national arena adoration." Brighton Source Magazin

"...they are the best live band I have laid my eyes on in years, and will be playing every festival in the UK this year, I will make sure of that!" Mark Chadwick - The Levellers

"...eccentric Brighton Funk lunatics, Mean Poppa Lean, are without a doubt the most recognisable band in performance due to their refusal to adhere to any currently known school of thought when it comes to stage wear. These boys are all genius and are heading for greatness." You Got Pepped Magazine

Ulaz se otvara u 20h, a karte kupite na istom po cijeni od 35kn.