Interviews with My Next Girlfriend & Radiophobia

Interviews with My Next Girlfriend (2002) & The Railroad All-Stars (2006)

Interviews with My Next Girlfriend
Naslov Originala: Interviews with My Next Girlfriend
Zemlja/Godina: Canada (2002)
Rezija: Cassandra Nicolaou
Trajanje: 13 min

A mockumentary about one woman's search for her next girlfriend. The search is comprised of 'interviews' with 9 potential candidates. The interviews have the flavour of job interviews, where candidates are assessed by a series of formal questions and informal chatter. The viewer becomes the interviewer - the candidates speak directly to the viewer and the questions are never heard, only the answers. The ridiculous questions become apparent through the women's responses.

Railroad All-Stars
Naslov Originala: Estrellas de La Línea
Zemlja/Godina: Guatemala (2006)
Rezija: Chema Rodríguez
Trajanje: 90 min

In rural Guatemala, Valeria, Vilma and Mercy are two-dollar-a-pop prostitutes, part of a crew who work 'La Línea', the railway line that cuts straight across Guatemala City and runs all the way to the Pacific Ocean. These women dream of being treated with respect, but are instead subjected to beatings, threats, and the erratic, often terrifying behaviour of thuggish johns. In an attempt to publicise their predicament - and also as a way of having fun - they found a football team, and after weeks of training, register for a local championship. However, they are barred from taking part, because of their supposed 'immorality' - a ruling which unleashes considerable controversy in the Guatemalan national media, and has a significant effect on their lives. Rodríguez's study is a compassionate, thrilling underdog tale: a film with considerable generosity of spirit, and real heart.

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