Nakon sjajnog lanjskog solo nastupa, na kojem je svojom neposrednošcu i neobicnom duhovitošcu oduševio ugodno popunjeni KSET, Robert Fisher se vraca u ovaj klub sa svojim maticnim šesteroclanim bandom Willard Grant Conspiracy. Vraca se kako bi nam predstavio njihov prekrasan novi album Regard The End i uveo nas u novu i više nego bogatu koncertnu sezonu barem što se americane tice.

"The ringleader here is vocalist Robert Fisher whose Nick Cave-esque tones dominate, especially on Evening Mass with its barrage of acoustic guitars and the stately St John Street, where subtle woodwind touches recall the equally off-beat Lambchop. The end results are usually dour but almost always impressive." Q Magazine
"All done, Regard The End is the first Willard Grant album to truly immerse yourself in. In ditching most of their traditional band ethic, they've tapped into the finest folk gothic traditions of death, suffering, misery and hardship and fashioned a paradoxically uplifting, trans-formative record of extraordinary power. If this is the end of the world as we know it, I feel just fine." Uncut