Naslov originala: Evil Ailens
Zemlja/godina: UK (2005)
Režija: Jake West

A bloody close encounter.

Jaw-dropping late night lunacy comes courtesy of director Jake West's long-awaited follow-up to Razor Blade Smile that has had Cannes preview and San Francisco film festival audiences rolling and gagging in the aisles. The Last Horror Movie's Chris Adamson and sexy TV presenter Emily Booth star in this hilarious horror genre blender about a disreputable cable television team investigating a wild alien abduction story involving intergalactic impregnation on a remote farming island off the Welsh coast. Even if the UFO story isn't true the programme makers intend to fake it - until they too face the Predator-looking space creatures full on for a bloody close encounter. Gruesome mutilations, anal probing, decapitations and assorted weapons ranging between cricket bats and chainsaws litter West's valentine to Aliens, Phantasm, Jaws and The Evil Dead taken to the monstrously shocking and splatstick extreme. Bound to do for ET's what Shaun of the Dead did for zombies - our advice is keep watching the skies!

Start @ 21:00, upad: Free.