"Imagine, if you will, two Japanese directors who meet at a film festival, each familiar with (and appreciative of) each other's work. Then imagine a night of binge drinking that leads to the gauntlet being thrown down - a little friendly competition to see who can make the best 'Duel to the Death' film. Then throw in a few rules like: 1) The script can contain no more than 2-3 characters, 2) The film must be shot in seven days and on a small budget, 3) the film can only take place in one setting, and most importantly, 4) at least one character must die. Thus, the Duel Project was born."
Naslov originala / godina: Aragami (2002) Redatelj: Ryuhei Kitamura
Sinopsis: Ancient Japan. Fleeing from enemies, two wounded samurai arrive at a strange old temple in a remote location in the mountains. The doors to the place are opened by a beautiful and exotic woman, who beckons them inside. Unable to walk any further, they collapse from exhaustion. One of the samurai awakens to find himself miraculously healed. He meets his saviour, a mysterious man who tells him that his friend died from his wounds. The samurai is persuaded to stay the night. His host tells him the legend of the "Tengu", a goblin which is said to reside in the mountains dining on the flesh of men. He goes on to reveal the true name of the Tengu : Aragami. When the samurai asks if Aragami poses a threat to the temple, his host answers : "I am Aragami". The only way for the Samurai to leave the temple is to destroy Aragami.
Naslov originala / godina: 2LDK (2002) Redatelj: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Sinopsios: Nozomi and Lana share an apartment in Tokyo. They have both auditioned for the same role in a movie, and know that the shortlist has been cut down to just the two of them. As they wait the night before finding out who will get the role, their personality clashes erupt into an all-out battle.
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