Naslov originala / godina: Shaolin Vs. Ninja (1988) Redatelj: Mai Chen Jsai Sinopsis: Set in the Ching Dynasty on Japanese territory, shaolin monks study kung fu in an extremely valuable temple that the lord yearns for. However unlike most of the commoners, the lord can't simply take what's in his grasp. Here in lies the problem. The emperor is indebted to chief shaolin monk Chi Jung (played by Alexander Lou) for producing an antidote that saved the emperor's life. Knowing that Chi Jung cannot simply be bribed, the lord devises schemes to thwart the temple and to gain its riches. Between each parlay, fingers point to either side as the intrigue builds. Chi is tricked into agreeing to complete against another temple. Peace is finally achieved once an innocent monk's murderer is finally exposed. Start @ 21:00, upad: Free.